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Art Work

 Search.... (SOLD) Manjori named this oil painting as 'Search'. This painting was completed just before she went on a tour from New Zealand via Australia to reach India to be with her family. She made this painting on a 4 feet by 5 feet canvas and sold it to a friend who immediately fell in love with it. The vibrant colors and the mix of shades was her depiction of anxiousness before she took up the travel plan, to move out of her comfort zone and visit places near and far. Manjori had used knives and spoons, plaster materials and her bare hands to get the texture on the painting.
The golden Rainbow.... They say that there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. But what if the rainbow is adorned with gold. Manjori has created a rainbow made of gold not waiting to see what is at the end of it... Instead she believes in the journey, making it a path of gold, full of fun and enjoyable experiences. This is a 3 feet by 2 feet painting made on canvas with acrylic paints. She has used plastic knives of different sizes and her own bare fingers to mix the paints.  
 Serenity... A young monk walking up a slope in the wee hours of the morning was surely one of the most serine images captured by Manjori during her visit to Thailand. The different shades of blue in the background and her fascination of shadows was the motivation to make this 3 feet by 4 feet acrylic painting on a canvas board. The bareness of the tree makes it stand there as an achieved milestone all alone, but the more peaceful man walks away with nothing more than a bag of virtues, simple clothes under an umbrella of knowledge. Such is life in it's true form. Simple living and high thinking.
 The waiting bride. Manjori made this painting after she spoke to a lady she met during her visit to Kashmir. This lady was left alone by her husband for no apparent reason. She waited, clad in the colors of marriage, amid the uncertainty of passing time. The bare, leafless trees pinch back as clutches of tough cultural upbringing and social pressures that don't let her move on. Her face covered in shame and her body burnt of not being loved, but yet she kept waiting. Manjori made this painting on ply wood. First applying a waterproof primer and then using oil based varnish. 
 The Birdie. (SOLD)  The birdie is one of Manjori's favorite paintings. She befriended this bird at the botanical garden in Wellington. Unaware of the species, this bird flew around but made sure to be the only one on the tree she sat on. Manjori thought of her as a little princess with her pride floating around her. Blue, being the calmness of Wellington, and gold was the choice for a princess of birds. Manjori sold this during her last exhibition in Bangalore. It was a 3 feet by 4 feet acrylic based painting on canvas.
 The Madhubani Fish... Manjori was influenced by the Indian art form called Madhubani. This native art is generally made by the village people in Bihar (a state in India) to decorate their houses. Manjori has combined this colorful art form with the Maori designs to bring about a rare combination of contemporary art forms across the two hemispheres. This is a 3 feet by 4 feet hand made paper based painting. Manjori first prepared the paper by mixing tea leaves, mud and dried leaves. She smeared this mixture and let it dry before making this painting. 
Hide and Seek. New Zealand, a crafted beautiful country who's purity can't completely be complemented. The lofty peaks of Wellington has left an everlasting impression in Manjori's mind. She has tried to capture this wonderful scenery of the hiding clouds and the revealing snow capped mountains using acrylic paints on canvas. This 3 feet by 4 feet painting was gifted to a popular Indian Actor on her Birthday.
Walk in the bush  (SOLD)

No stay in New Zealand can be completed without the bush walks, the smells of nature, the chirping of the wetas or the sound of a stream in the background. Manjori lived in a old character home nested in the quiet corner of Wellington. This is a glimpse of her part of the world. An acrylic painting on a 3 feet by 4 feet painting, sold.

 The shadows of strong standing bamboos. Manjori made this painting after she returned from Bali. The beautiful bamboos are considered most important in Balinese culture. It's an integral part of their economy as well as culture. After a whole day's trek, Manjori sat by the bamboo bushes and made this painting while the sun went down. An experience to last a life time. 

The lotus, standing tall and sturdy in murky water is the driving force for anyone in trouble. We're tangled in our own lives so much that we often fail to exhibit our true selves. Manjori shows that there's always place for bright colors to fill up dark and gloomy spaces in our own lives... it only needs us to build up guts to do so!
This is an Ink painting done on a 3 feet by 2 feet canvas

The lady with big eyes, like Manjori herself, dares to look beyond the obvious.... to look beyond the simple things shown to her. An imaginary face of a lady who doesn't let the experiences of her life reflect the emotions on her visage.... This is an oil painting on a board canvas sized - 3 feet by 2 feet.
Tree of Life
The tree of life is painted on ply wood with varnish. It's a 5 feet tall board and 3 feet wide, framed and ready to be taken home. The designs in the tree are influenced by Maori patterns. They also have Indian spiritual designs and are filled with the goodness of a peaceful life. The tree of life is considered sacred in many cultures and they all say the same story of being the most important gift of God.  
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