Manjori is a self-trained contemporary artist. Her work is a reflection of the various experience from across the world. She was born in Nigeria and grew up in India. She is a Masters degree holder in Business Administration and pursued a Project Management career in Telecommunications for over a decade,  however her obsession with painting and her addiction to paints has  motivated her to give it all up for a career in Visual Arts. 
In this portfolio she has showcased her art work by encapsulating her creativity in various hues. Be it the colors of  the Indian festivals, the music of the traditional weddings with drums and bells, the aromas of the scented sticks and lamps, the greenery of Indonesia's paddy fields, the blues of New Zealand waves, the lofty peaks of the Southern Alps or the serenity of the lakes from down under. Manjori has tried to capture her imagination adding a flavor of her own ongoing journey....
Manjori's Art Portfolio
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